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Drouhin Cask Nouveau Beaujolais 1/15L 2019

Grown mostly in the Beaujolais region and a bit in the Loire, Gamay has garnered a devoted following the world over -including some dynamic vintners in unexpected corners who are true advocates of the variety. It usually emphasizes fruitiness with lots of raspberry, some cherry and strawberry though in certain locales particularly the Cru of Beaujolais its personality reflects the soils. Wines made of Gamay are easy drinking especially in the Loire and usually in Beaujolais though here wines from the best vineyard areas, the Cru, can have more substance. Though soft, fragrant, fruity Beaujolais is mostly to be drunk young, wines of some of these Cru are best left for a few years and can age for 10 to 12 years. One of my favorite quaffers and ubiquitous to the Bistros of Paris.

Food Pairings

Chicken even cold or in a salad. Cured meats or sausages, tuna, roasted pork or turkey. Burgers and brats, Nachos.

Where to find this wine

Accounts that have purchased this wine in the previous twelve months are listed below, alphabetically by city. Please call ahead to confirm availability or vintage

Kowalski's Uptown Market

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