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Jim Barry McRea Wood Shiraz 6/750 2013

Ah! Strine wine would be something altogether different if it were not for Shiraz luring the world to its doorstep. Even though the French Syrah of the Rhone Valley has centuries on the antipodean clime, Australian Shiraz deserves its place in the pantheon of world wines for all the new. Unlike the high toned plums, white pepper and spice so savored by those swayed by the Northern Rhone, Shiraz from down under offers sweeter scents of well ripened fruit, a round character on its palate and often a chocolatey bittersweetness on the finish. Such Shiraz are guaranteed to stand up to rich, meaty dishes or if you cannot find any roo near you, it's just as nice drinking it down on its own -its balance doesn't seem to require food.

Food Pairings

Winged beasties with dark meat like duck, goose, squab, and griffins. Hooved game. Roasted meats.

Where to find this wine

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