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In 1999 the Falvo family bought a 128-acre property in the area of Salice Salentino, heart of the Salento region. Their purchase gave new life to the historic intent of the Marquis Antonio De Viti De Marco, a famous Italian economist who at the beginning of the twentieth century wanted to transform the estate into a model winery for the whole of southern Italy. The pre-existing stone structure has been transformed, enlarged and modernized, according to a well planned and functional design in keeping with the style and layout of the original building.
Li Veli highlights the Salento region's principal native varietals, including the red varieties Negroamaro, Primitivo and Aleatico, which are made into powerful, inky-dark wines of great character and elegance.
The Falvo family’s vision is to establish a new quality benchmark in the region both through vineyard management and vinification. Applying the knowledge and expertise gained at Avignonesi, they aim to realize the ultimate potential for local varieties with wines that have more primary fruit, freshness and structural acidity while still maintaining the character of this dry, hot Mediterranean land.
Winemaking has been practiced in Apulia since the 7th century B.C. The Salento area, located on the heel of Italy's Apulian "boot" and bathed by the Adriatic sea to the north and the Ionian sea to the south, is one of the region's most important vine growing areas, in part due to the dramatic temperature variation between day and night. Today the region is Italy’s biggest volume producer, and quality has improved greatly over the past two decades.
The estate comprises 86 acres of vineyards planted with traditional Apulian varieties and using alberello trellising with high density per hectare (7,125 vines). This ancient manner of planting, with its high density and lower cluster per vine technique, has been modified to serve contemporary quality standards.

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