The Wine Company

Core Values

It is hard to find the words that properly express the intensity of emotions that get invoked in association with the brutality, injustice, and systemic racism that exists in our own Frogtown backyard, other Minnesota communities, and across our country.  These are highly charged times fueled by recent tragedy and

Thank YOU for 35 Years!

WISHING ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR We THANK YOU for working together throughout this challenging year... THANK YOU for adapting together... THANK YOU for this partnership of countless ideas from our open exchange to figure out how we can work even better together, and we THANK YOU for 35 YEARS as The Wine Company! We

Here to help beyond the fires

With dozens of fires raging across more than four and a half million acres, we wish to send our most heartfelt support to our friends in California, Washington, and Oregon, their families, and their communities who are fighting to surmount this newest, unprecedented challenge in a year that has been


Our enthusiasm for organic vineyards stems from decades of traveling and tasting across wine country. Visiting vignerons, barrel sampling, ongoing blind tastings, and wine trade shows all reveal that many wines that remain the most expressive of terroir and the most delicious for that matter were also farmed organically. What is the

What Dreams May Come

Xiaoyan Sun earns U.S. citizenship Many a talent make The Wine Company this special endeavor, but few keep the wheels on the bus and the lights on like Xiaoyan Sun [SHE-ow-yahn Swen]. So much more than gifted controller, Xiaoyan proves as vital as she is irreplaceable both personally and to the business

TWC gets down to business in C19

While we cannot conduct business as usual, The Wine Company adopts new safety procedures to once again open our office and warehouse to the trade in a way to ensure everyone can stay healthy and hale.   ALL JESTING ASIDE, OUR MESSAGE FOR YOU IN THE TRADE: As we continue to

Look for the helpers

TWC team out to help!
Navigating this time in history is not without pain and suffering. Between our personal crises, an ever-frustrating pandemic with unprecedented isolation, and the terrible injustices all around us, we find ourselves in a hard world that we hardly recognize. Yet despite these collective struggles each of us are left to walk


We stand with our community. We stand against police brutality. We stand for justice. We stand committed to amplifying the voices of our Black colleagues and working alongside them to dismantle systemic racism. Your pain, your voices, and your lives matter. Black lives matter. To our valued retail and restaurant customers who need immediate support, we

Safety Measures

Tastevin on neck ribbon
C O M P A N Y   W I D E   U P D A T E We are reopening supplier rep ride-withs at The Wine Company Although the show must go on, we at The Wine Company are ensuring everyone’s well-being thanks to some new, innovative safety protocols for the ensuing

A word of gratitude to the retail front line

THANK YOU! EVERY ONE OF YOU. Like a rug pulled from beneath our feet, the Covid 19 crisis has flipped the world we knew on its head. Forced to adapt to new safety protocols and to take every precaution to ensure our physical and mental health, each and every one of us
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