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Vinicola del Sannio Falanghina 2021

Once upon a time millennia ago, Falanghina went into the famed Falernum of ancient Rome. Praised by Pliny the Elder, Falernian wine was celebrated as the great cult wine of its day. In our time, Falanghina is chiefly grown along the coasts of Campania north of Naples and pressed into a delightfully crisp, medium bodied white wine redolent of flowers and tasting of orchard fruits and melons. Whether digging into a plate of the local aguglie, calamari, cozze, mazzancolle, orata, pesce spada, scampi or any of the countless other frutta del mar of Southern Italy, Campania has just the wine for seafood and it is made of Falanghina.

Food Pairings

Falanghina's fresh, dry balanced flavor makes it tasty with mollusks, grilled and fried fish, Calamari in sauce.

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