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“The Prielers are an old, established farming family in Schützen. For at least the past 150 years, and probably even longer, the Prielers’ farm at the upper end of the main street has been practicing a type of mixed agriculture that has long been typical of the hilly country around Neusiedler Lake: growing grain, fruit, beets, potatoes, raising a few cows, a couple of pigs and chickens, a varied mixture that guaranteed survival, even in difficult times. Wine has always been an essential part of this variety, but Grandfather Georg Prieler was the first to devote closer attention to it.


Finally Irmgard and Engelbert decided to make the transition from mixed agriculture to focus completely on wine. In 1972 they took over the farm from Engelbert’s parents and immediately began the difficult job of establishing and developing the wine estate.


They reduced the number of grape varieties and invested in modern cellar technology. At a very early stage they also took the decision – courageous at the time – of focusing more on quality than on quantity. The result was their own individual style: profound wines with ageing potential, international in dimension, but at the same time firmly rooted in the soil in which they are grown.

As time went on, the area under cultivation expanded as Irmgard and Engelbert focussed on enlarging their holdings in the fine vineyards of the region.


In 1997, Silvia Prieler began helping her parents in the cellar as well as with marketing and sales. Ever since, the younger generation has been gradually taking the helm. Now that Silvia, Michaela and Georg are all involved, Prieler has become a true family estate.”

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