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As we return to properly celebrating La Fête de Saint Thibault, we have decided to blow the doors off and expand the event into nothing seen in recent decades: a GRAND PORTFOLIO TASTING!

Your chance to…

  • explore amazing wines, sakes, and spirits of the world 
  • enjoy an efficient tasting format that honors your time
  • visit and taste with the producers themselves
  • to train, educate, and inspire yourself and your staff  


Join us for The Wine Company Revealed | A 20 year tasting 37 years in the making – your chance to learn more about all the products that inspire us.

September 13th 2PM to 6PM for
The Wine Company Revealed
A 20-year tasting 37 years in the making

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Harnessing the Sun

As we celebrate another Earth Day and all the possibilities this noble holiday inspires, we reflect on how we can hone our eco-conscientious approach to everything we do.

We also reflect on what efforts we have made thus far that proved significant enough to encourage others to do the same. Among the most eye opening has been going solar.

On November 16th 2017, The Wine Company flipped the switch to become Minnesota’s First Solar Powered Wine Distributor. Since then, we have saved an average 183 pounds of CO2 emissions every single day which is the equivalent of planting more than 500 trees every year!

Committed to sustainable initiatives at every turn, it comes as no surprise The Wine Company went solar. As an importer with a strong focus on sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines, it comes as no surprise that many wineries in this wish-list of a portfolio are solar powered as well. Ever conscious of the ecological impact of each decision at every turn, The Wine Company decided it was time. Why wouldn’t you? In an age of global warming and the climatic upheaval in response, migrating to solar power proved the right thing to do not only for its common sense but the dollars and sense of it.

Thanks to an enormous, exposed roof regularly bathing in daylight, The Wine Company has plenty of room to spare for two massive solar arrays totaling 188 solar panels. Altogether this solar garden is capable of 150,000 kilowatt hours –an annual output providing enough electricity to power the average Minnesota household for nearly seventeen years!

The Earth receives more energy from the sun every hour than all the people on the planet consume every year. Sunlight provides a boundless renewable energy –not only to ripen all the grapes in all the vineyards sourced by The Wine Company but also to power our temperature-controlled warehouse, offices, and entertaining areas that host every sort of educational trade tasting. Now Minnesota retailers and restaurateurs, and wine lovers at large can rest assured that The Wine Company’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end in the bottle itself but proves a raison d’etre and a shining example of what is to come.

Care to explore solar powered wineries brought to Minnesota by The Wine Company? Check out the list of our Solar Powered producers in our GREEN PAGES here >>>

Making Every Day An Earth Day

Our Online Portfolio now includes our GREEN PAGES Learn more about all our Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan, and Solar Powered producers we are proud to import and represent at The Wine Company in our GREEN PAGES >>>

The Wine Company has been #makingeverydayanearthday since 1985. From our eco-consciousness throughout all of our business practices to the sustainable, organic, biodynamic, vegan wines among us, we walk the walk and have even converted all our power needs to solar!

When you source wines through The Wine Company, you too can rest assured that you too are #makingeverydayanearthday. Thank you not only for drinking better wine but wine of higher values altogether -together we can do this!


Welcoming our newest Sales Consultant: Christina Immerman


Prior to joining The Wine Company, my wine and spirits career was based in restaurants. And with more than twenty years of experience, I am a proud restaurant industry veteran.

I love restaurants… A LOT. But more, I am grateful for them. Restaurants have introduced me to some of my favorite things in life… Many of my best friends (including my husband), an appreciation for wholehearted hospitality, and of course, wine!

My current wine infatuation involves all things Nebbiolo, particularly Barolos. But I am an equal opportunity beverage specialist who believes that all wine and spirits deserve a spot on the table. Preferably, when expertly paired with a multi-course dinner. (Apertifs and Digestifs are a must!)

I am thrilled to be part of a company that values environmental sustainability, and the fact that biodynamic and organic farming practices are becoming more common gives me hope for the future.

After all, we are just borrowing this planet from our future generations.

For four years of my career, I lived and worked in Las Vegas, and the Southwest has a special place in my heart. Of course, working alongside wine and culinary rock stars impressed, but it was the mountains and multitude of accessible national parks that kept this Minnesota native in awe. I am the mother of an inquisitive toddler named Jakob, and I cannot wait to re-experience the parks through his eyes.

Digital portfolios offer a world beyond paper

Given the success of our Digital Japan Portfolio, we are going to make this a thing: a support material that serves more needs than what could ever fit on a printed page.

Here we embark on glossier, focused portfolios highlighting specific corners of our book, covering special places we would like to highlight in all their colorful detail with interactive links to learn more – offering a whole lot more than any printed materials ever could.

Beyond Japan, we are excited about our Digital Portfolio on Oregon and think you too will love the results of this labor of love. Have a read and enjoy!

Cover of Oregon digital portfolio



Doug Weber joins The Wine Company

As thrilled as we are proud, we are completely elated to announce that Doug Weber has joined the family at The Wine Company.

As our newest hire to our team of Sales Consultants, Doug brings with him a profound depth of knowledge from his remarkable breadth of experience. From working among vineyards, farms, and wineries from California to Oregon, from Italy to New Zealand -even at some of the finest in Burgundy, Doug’s thirst to know all clearly does not hesitate to roll up his sleeves and ask questions at every step.

Combine that with an established respect throughout local wine circles and Doug’s affable good nature, and we are confident Doug will prove an ideal fit –making the ensemble at The Wine Company evermore nonpareil.

As a growing company, we are always excited to find people that share our values and commitment to thoughtfully serving our various constituents. Doug’s deep experience in the industry, kindhearted approach and dedication to telling the stories of our producer partners will help us fulfill our mission. We are excited to welcome him to the team! –Steve Eiter, Sales Director

Many in the trade know and love the guy already but if you have yet to make his acquaintance, perhaps get to know Doug in his own words on his staff bio here on

WHISK(E)Y joins the Scout Book Library

We love them all! Be it the Whisky of Scotland, Canada, and Japan or the Whiskey of the United States or Ireland.

No matter how you spell it, cut it, drink it, distill it, or age it, the spectrum of whiskies provides a lifetime of pleasure. No whisky is the same and each has its own merits.

Depending on the country of origin and traditions involved, whisky expresses incredible variation. Lucky for us, each country and category adheres to their own customs and rules of production, leading to some predictability.

In this little book, we cover the history, production, types, geographic customs, and sensual pleasures. Slaìnte! 


Enjoy WHISK(E)Y | A Primer in Whisk(e)y >>>

Whiskey Scout Book cover

Join The Wine Company 2021 BOOK DRIVE!

Take part in The Wine Company Book Drive to help children build their home libraries and share the love of reading! The Wine Company is hosting a month-long book drive and welcome your help in providing new books to the children of the Frogtown neighborhood.

This is a literacy driven initiative to help foster young readers and will culminate at an Ice Cream Social / Movie Night at The Frogtown Community Center, Friday, July 30th from 6:15pm – 8:30pm

1.) Shop for your favorite children’s books locally for drop off or online for delivery
2.) Get them to The Wine Company
3.) Follow along on social media @WineCoMN


DATES: Monday, June 28th – Friday, July 22nd

GOAL: 100 new books

The Wine Company
425 West Minnehaha Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55103
Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 3:30PM

…or for you in the trade, just pass along to your WineCo Sales Rep



Launching our Digital Japan Portfolio

W I T H   A   C O N T E S T   G I V E A W A Y !

Announcing our newest interactive, digital portfolio: JAPAN  |  It is our enormous pleasure to reveal our latest addition to the TWC digital portfolio series…

JAPAN (click that)

This interactive, digital document supports our entire Japanese offering from sake to spirits, providing a comprehensive and educational overview of our beautifully curated portfolio.

The Wine Company is committed to working in partnership with you, as the leading champions of the highest quality, most innovative, and value driven Japanese products available to the Minnesota market.




K A N P A I   J A P A N !   Q U I Z

Learn all about Japanese drinks from sake to shochu, vermouth to bitters, whisky to gin.

Fun and simple to play:

  • Follow @WineCoMN and @WineCoSpirits on Instagram
  • Read our Japanese Portfolio and our Sake Scout Book linked therein
  • Take the KANPAI JAPAN! Quiz (Open book is FINE!)
  • Highest quiz scores enter a drawing to WIN prizes from The Wine Company!
    • 1st PRIZE – Japanese Excellent Home Bar Kit: Kinobi Green Tea Gin 750ML, Ichiro Malt & Grain All World Whisky 750ML, Bermutto Vermouth 750ML, Mizu Lemongrass Shochu 750ML, Japanese Bitters Shiso, Hakutsuru Excellent 1.8L, Akitabare Heaven Of Tipsy Delight Daiginjo Sake 720ML
    • 2nd PRIZE – Izakaya : $50 gift card to Zen Box (@ZenBoxIzakaya)
    • 3rd PRIZE – Japanese Small But Mighty Single Serve Kit: Lucky Dog Sake ‘Juice Box’, Little Sumo Junmai Genshu One Cup, Snow Angel Nigori One Cup, Hakutsuru Draft Single Serve

Contest runs through the month of May, with the winner announced June 1st  2021. Valid for residents of Minnesota, age 21 and up, who able to pick-up their winnings from The Wine Company in Saint Paul.



@WINECOMN IS GREEN | #makingeverydayanearthday

A commitment to sustainable agriculture gives a grower the flexibility to address potentially cataclysmic threats to their vineyard while remaining a faithful steward of the lands they are working. The goal of sustainable agriculture is to farm organically when possible, while retaining the ability to react to problems that might otherwise ruin a harvest.

Sustainable growers use synthetic chemical additives in their vineyards only as a last resort, and not at all in many vintages. Many sustainable producers are growing grapes and other crops in marginal climates that simply do not allow them the luxury of farming completely organically every vintage. Other sustainable growers are working towards their organic certification but do not yet have a long enough history of organic farming in their vineyards to qualify.

Alexander Valley Vineyards
Alexis Bailly Vineyard
Andrea Felici
Angulo Innocenti
Anton Bauer
Barco de Piedra
Baron de Seillac
Beckmen Vineyards
Bethel Heights Vineyard
Bianchi Winery
Blanchet | Domaine Francis
Botani | Bodegas
Bouchard Pere et Fils
Breban | Vins
Bulletin Place Wines
Casanova di Neri
Caves de Saumur
Chasing Venus
Chateau d’Aydie
Chateau Perron
Cline Cellars
Courtois | Domaine
Darnaud | Emmanuel
Decero | Finca
Dog Point Vineyards
Dom. de la Bretonniere
Dom La Croix Montjoie
Dom de la Rochelierre
Domaine Drouhin Oregon
Duckhorn Wine Company
Duxoup Wine Works
Empire Estate
Erstwhile Mezcal
Eugenie | Chateau
Failla Wines
Figueirasse | Dom. de
Foster | Enrique
Gaillard | Pierre
Gaston Chiquet
Goats do Roam
Gobelsburg | Schloss
Green & Red Vineyard
Haag | Fritz
Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company
Hamilton Russell Vineyards
Hedges Family Estate
Iron Horse Vineyards
Jim Barry
La Cana
La Playa | Vina
La Valentina
Le Casematte
Left Coast Cellars
Leonetti Cellars
l’Ermitage | Chateau
Les Hauts Plateaux
Marchesi di Gresy
Marchesi Pancrazi
Marco Felluga
Matchbook Wine Company
McNab Ridge Winery
Melville Winery
Miner Family Vineyards
Miraval | Chateau
Mont Olivet | Clos du
Monte Volpe
Montelena | Chateau
Morey | Thomas
Mount Eden Vineyards
Muriel | Bodegas
Ordonez & Co
Paetra Wine Company
Pedroncelli Winery
Perrin et Fils
Perrin Freres | Nicolas Jaboulet
Peter Michael Winery
Phillipe Girard
Pichot | Domaine
Pierre Callot
Ponzi Vineyards
Portas da Herdade
Pousse d’Or
Powers Winery
Quinta da Raza
Ridge Vineyards
Rio Madre
Sattler | Weinbau
Selbach | J. & H.
Senorio de San Vicente
Shafer Vineyards
Sierra Cantabria
St Gregory
St Pierre | Prieur & Fils
Tenuta Sant’Antonio
Tenuta Scersce
The Eyrie Vineyards
TintoNegro / 55 MALBEC
Trefethen Vineyards
Vallado | Quinta do
Vara y Pulgar
Vignerons de Tavel
Vigneti del Vulture
Villa Wolf
Vogue | Dom. Comte Georges de
Von Schleinitz Estate
Weil | Robert
White Rock Vineyards
Zuani Vineyards


Most organic wines are in fact made from organically grown grapes but not vinified “organically” likewise for spirits. The obstacle to organic winemaking is the prohibition of sulfur compounds in the winemaking process. For better or worse, the addition of minute levels of sulfur dioxide at the end of the winemaking process is what keeps wines stable in the bottle long term. Not to add a few parts per million of SO2 when finishing your wines often invites disaster in our cellars.

Organic grape farming, however, is becoming widely popular as more and more winemakers have recognized that they simply get better fruit from the vineyards that are farmed organically than those that are farmed using conventional methods. Organic certification, which is currently handled by several competing authorities, at its base requires the grower to demonstrate that they are working without chemical fertilizers, weed killers, insecticides, and other synthetic chemicals. These wineries and farms must demonstrate that the vineyards and fields in question have been handled in accordance with these organic prohibitions for between five and seven years before certification is possible.

Alois Lageder Winery
Altos las Hormigas
Antico Colle
Badger Mountain & Powers
Badia a Coltibuono
Barraud | Domaine
Baumard | Domaine des
Beaucastel | Chateau de
Beaux Freres
Bulletin Place Wines
Carillon | Domaine Francois
Carro Tinto
Chanson | Domaine
Chateau Climens
Domaine de Noire
Domaine des Lauriers
Domaine Drouhin Oregon
Drouhin | Joseph & Vaudon
Ecker | Weingut
Escalada do Sil
Evesham Wood
Eyrie Vineyards
Fattoria Selvapiana
Flor del Desierto Sotol
Frascole | Azienda Agricola
Frog’s Leap
Geoffroy Champagne
Haden Fig
Hans Reisetbauer
Jean Luc Pasquet
La Playa | Vina
Li Veli
Liger-Belair | Thibault
Lucien Le Moine
Mas de Gourgonnier
Mas Lauris
Matrot | Thierry et Pascal
Michel | Louis
Miraval | Chateau
Mont Olivet | Clos du
Nikolaihof Wachau
Orleans-Borbon Manzanilla
Perrin et Fils
Ponzi Vineyards
Quinta da Muradella
Quinta da Saes
Ronco Calino
Russiz Superiore
Saladini Pilastri
San Michele a Torri | Fattoria
Santini | Enrico
St Innocent Winery
Tablas Creek Vineyards
Von Othegraven
Von Winning


Based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Biodynamics is a response by farmers who are concerned about the degradation of their lands. The basis is more than just the prohibition of synthetic chemicals, but a commitment to actions which ensure a proper balance and harmony between land, plants, and the environment. The guiding principles are 1) to upgrade the soil and plant life in its natural environment using products made from vegetable, animal, and mineral matter, 2) the application of these products at specific times during annual cycles, 3) working the land by tilling and hoeing to enhance the soil’s natural capacity to nourish the plants and animals within its reach.

In essence, biodynamics is organics and beyond. At its most basic, the biodynamic approach to grape-growing sees the vineyard as an ecological whole: not just rows of grapevines, but the soil beneath them—an organism in its own right—and the other flora and fauna in the area, growing together interdependently. It is the idea that farming must be attuned to the spiritual forces of the cosmos. This might mean timing sowing and harvesting to the phases of the moon or the positions of the planets; it also might mean burying cow manure in a cow’s horn over the winter for application to the vineyards in the spring. Trials show the Biodynamic Calendar Days have an impact on the sensory impressions of the wines and spirits we drink so ask any of us at The Wine Company if you wish to explore this further. Great fun.

Alois Lageder Winery
Barraud | Domaine
Baumard | Domaine des
Cauhape | Domaine
Chateau Climens
Drouhin | Joseph & Vaudon
Ecker | Weingut
Fevre | Domaine William
Frog’s Leap
Girardin | Domaine Vincent
Gouges | Domaine Henri
Hirsch | Josef
Il Ghizzano | Tenuta
Marques de Gelida
Nikolaihof Wachau
Telmo Rodriguez



A wine designated vegan means that no animal by-products have been used in any part of the winemaking process. Vegan goes far beyond animal welfare to the costly consequences such land management, the consequent carbon footprints, and the increased petrochemicals ranging from fertilizers to pesticides required to grow feed. Many of these producers were the first to reduce the weight of their glass bottles and mind other environmental impacts.

All Sake from Japan
August Kessler
Blu Prosecco
Bulletin Place Wines
Champagne Goutorbe
Champagne Pierre Gimonnet
Cline Cellars
Dr Loosen
Henry’s Drive
Miner Family Vineyards
Nine Stones
Schrock | Weinbau Heidi
Selbach | J. & H.
Selbach-Oster | Weingut
St Innocent Winery
Tablas Creek Vineyards


As Minnesota’s First Solar Powered Wine Distributor, The Wine Company is committed to sustainable initiatives at every turn. As an importer with a strong focus on sustainable, organic, biodynamic and vegan wines, it comes as no surprise that many wineries in this wish-list of a portfolio are solar powered as well. In an age of global warming and the climatic upheaval in response, migrating to solar power is the right thing to do -not only for its common sense but the dollars and sense of it.

Our Earth receives more energy from the sun every hour than all the people on the planet consume every year. Sunlight provides a boundless renewable energy -not only to ripen all the grapes in all the vineyards sourced by The Wine Company but also to power their temperature-controlled warehouse, offices, and entertaining areas that host every sort of educational trade tasting. Rest assured that The Wine Company’s commitment to the environment does not end in the bottle itself but proves a raison d’etre and a shining example of what is to come.

Alexander Valley Vineyards
Badger Mountain & Powers
Bethel Heights Vineyard
Cline Cellars
Domaine Drouhin Oregon
Failla Wines
Frog’s Leap
Green & Red Vineyard
Left Coast Cellars
Miner Family Vineyards
Chateau Montelena
Mount Eden Vineyards
Ponzi Vineyards
Powers Winery
Ridge Vineyards
Shafer Vineyards
Trefethen Vineyard
Valentine Distilling

Care to learn more about sustainable wine?
Enjoy our Wino’s Guide to SOBs: Sustainable, Organic, and Biodynamic >>>