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NEW Spirits Portfolio 5.0 is here!

Our Interactive Digital Spirits Portfolio 5.0 is here! The Wine Company SPIRITS PORTFOLIO has it all! Whether it is Japanese Whisky or foraged Amaro, a rare age statement Single Malt or the finest grain-to-glass expressions grown right here in Minnesota, various regional Aperitivi to vintage Armagnacs, Rum to Clairin, Absinthe, Grappa,

J. Carver Distillery Launches Aquavit

WACONIA, Minn. – January 13, 2020 They don’t make tequila and they don’t make rum, but after years of development J. Carver Distillery is proud to announce that J. Carver Aquavit will soon be available on store shelves and in cocktail bars across Minnesota. With its 100% red winter wheat base

What is Sotol?

Artisanal Sotol of Mexico Sotol is a distillate made from the head of the Dasylirion plant, of the Asparagaceae family, known by the same name and indigenous to Northern Mexico. The word ‘Sotol’ is derived from the Náhuatl language, meaning “the sweet of the head,” long used by different native tribes

Welcome J. Carver Distillery!

Effective April 15, 2019, The Wine Company becomes the exclusive distributor on record representing J. Carver Distillery based in Waconia, Minnesota. J. Carver Distillery was conceived of in 2012 by its founder and managing principal, Bill Miller. Since beginning distribution in 2015 under the guidance of co-founder Gina Holman and

Raising A New Glass Your Way

---|  From the desk of Larry Colbeck  |--- Some things make for strange bedfellows; shared passions are not one of those things.  Thirty-three years ago a shared passion for fine wine and our desire to know the how and who of it led my friend, David Johnson, and me to start The
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