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Saint Thibault 2020

Rodin's Thinker thinking about what day Saint Thibault 2020 ought to be...
We’ve been thinking… and we think our friends in the trade, our customers, ought to save-the-date for La Fête de Saint Thibault. It’ll be at a distance and involve a little curbside pickup but it is certain to keep the spirit alive and the spirits high. More details to follow

2016 Vintage in Burgundy | Replete with Wil Bailey’s Highlights

"An unusual and astonishing vintage...a lovely surprise" Each year The Wine Company is proud to host a vintage tasting for the members of the trade working with Bouchard Père et Fils and William Fèvre. On this occasion many of the best and brightest behind Minnesota's finest bottle shops and restaurant wine lists taste

Picpoul-de-Pinet calls for coquillage et crustacé

Good Picpoul-de-Pinet is hard to find. Simple, cheap and cheerful is easy but many are too raspy, neutral, or struggle to find their balance on this stony ground of the Languedoc. Picpoul-de-Pinet ought to be bright and buoyant, invigorating and refreshing with enough texture, fruit and floral fragrance to charm the table and

Do you know Jurançon?

Here at The Wine Company we are always on the lookout for the wonderfully odd, be it a region or grapes. Why? Because it makes for fun conversations, a way to connect with the intrinsically curious, and most of all to support the smaller winemakers of these obscure but historically important

Three great wines for grilled fare

We love our grilled food at The Wine Company, especially during a nice summer evening on our company patio playing a little bocce ball and listening to great music. What to drink with grilled food is a topic that comes up every summer, and this year we have three great

In Support of Pinot Meunier (and welcome Moussé Fils to Minnesota!)

It's never fun to be the third wheel. To sit at a dinner table and be the one that feels like you don't know as much as the vivacious and outgoing people surrounding you. To be the one picked last to join the kickball team. To be the one that answers

Three top picks from Saint Thibault 2014

Our annual Saint Thibault feast and celebration is always a great opportunity to taste through a slice of our French portfolio. It allows the staff to asses new arrivals, obviously gives our customers a great opportunity find new wines to bring to you, and allows our portfolio director Wil Bailey

Grower Champagne producer profiles

Many of you have asked for a cheat sheet of sorts regarding our list of Grower-Producer Champagnes. We are firm believers that the more you know about where your wine comes from, the more you'll enjoy it. (In that light be sure to also check out our posts on Sparkling

Understanding Cru Beaujolais (and why it’s perfect for Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving can be such a difficult holiday, and we're not talking just about family members with opposing political and religious views being forced around a table together. We're talking about a bigger conflict: food and wine. We're talking about having a huge variety of deliciousness on the table, including the obscure

Top staff picks from Saint Thibault 2013

On Wednesday July 17th 2013, we celebrated the Feast of Saint Thibualt at The Wine Company, our annual thank you to our restaurant and wine retail customers in Minnesota. We drink, we eat, we raise glasses and toast with friends. Laughter and happiness emanate from our warehouse and patio all evening long
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