To all buyers in our merry, local wine trade, we invite you to reach out to your Sales Consultant at The Wine Company to check out our latest digital Direct Imports Catalogue.

For the public at large, The Wine Company is immensely proud of our direct import program and you ought to be too because these are among the best values to be found at any wine shop. When shopping, spin the bottle round to look at the back label and when you read IMPORTED BY THE WINE COMPANY, you have in hand a wine that will bring greater joy at a lower cost to you.

In terms of what sets The Wine Company apart, our direct import program perhaps shows it best. For nearly 40 years we have invested our time and resources to explore both great and underappreciated wine regions of the world, to meet families that share similar visions to ours, and purchase their wines and bring them directly into Minnesota.

As a result, there are many wines imported only by The Wine Company and unavailable in most other markets – including New York and California. There are few distributors that do this with the same commitment and dedication.

The logistics are immense, and the investment is high but we believe the end results are some of the best values in the world of wine. By eliminating the import middleman, we are able to bring Minnesotans far greater diversity and value with these wines.

It is our pleasure to continue this work and search. It is our commitment to you to continue to bring you wines that are compelling, exciting and delicious values.

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