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@WINECOMN IS GREEN | #makingeverydayanearthday SUSTAINABLE // ORGANIC // BIODYNAMIC // VEGAN // SOLAR POWERED SUSTAINABLE A commitment to sustainable agriculture gives a grower the flexibility to address potentially cataclysmic threats to their vineyard while remaining a faithful steward of the lands they are working. The goal of sustainable agriculture is to farm


Our enthusiasm for organic vineyards stems from decades of traveling and tasting across wine country. Visiting vignerons, barrel sampling, ongoing blind tastings, and wine trade shows all reveal that many wines that remain the most expressive of terroir and the most delicious for that matter were also farmed organically. What is the

Making everyday an Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches every year, we grow reflective, challenged by the perennial question, "what more could we do?" What more could we do to reduce our environmental footprint? To help simpatico partners succeed in doing things right? To widen the audience, thirsty for more ecologically minded growers and winemakers? What

Happy Earth Day 2013 from The Wine Company

Staying true to our philosophy at The Wine Company involves many factors. One of those factors is embracing family ownership of wineries, which in turn leads naturally to land stewardship. Who wants their kids to be running through a field of chemicals (especially if they like to snack on the grapes)? Organic

Frog’s Leap Part Three: Dry Farming and Alcohol Levels

“Shhhh... keep your head down so the neighbors don’t see us!” said John Williams, co-founder of Frog’s Leap Winery in the heart of Napa Valley. Shovel in hand, we dashed across the property line and into his neighbor’s field of Cabernet. “Dig a hole, dig anywhere, and tell me what

Frog’s Leap Part One: Riding West

We are proud to announce The Wine Company as the Minnesota distributor for the legendary wines of Frog's Leap of Napa Valley. As you get to know the story and philosophy behind Frog's Leap, you'll understand why all involved consider this partnership a perfect fit for The Wine Company. Last month

April 2013 is EARTH MONTH at The Wine Company

As part of our continued commitment to sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farmers, along with celebration that The Wine Company has been carbon neutral in all operations since January of 2012, we are declaring April EARTH MONTH! (photo is of a chicken at Cline Winery's Greenstring Farm, which you will learn more

Torrontes and Malbec: the gems of Padrillos of Argentina

The recession has been good to Argentine wine. Starting in 2008, when consumers put the brakes on buying wines over $40 a bottle, many turned in droves to Argentine wines, Malbec especially, to satisfy their cravings. In 2009, Argentine imports were up 34.1% in volume, and the double-digit trend continued

Defining Sustainable, Organic, and Biodynamic wines

Want to start a fight in a tasting room? Ready to see some Riedel get winged across a table at a great restaurant? Do you want to hear a sommelier pontificate endlessly on a subject other than how the bottle of Chambertin you just bought is holding up? Just say this:

“Green” wines part one: What is organic wine?

This is the first in a three part series to define and demystify the terms organic, sustainable, and biodynamic when it comes to wine. Misinformation in this topic is common, so we're hoping to help bring some clarity to the issue. Following the three part series we'll present several posts
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