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Wine and food pairing: an exhaustive list of particulars

There are many general rules when it comes to wine and food pairings, but we've received several requests for more details. Specifically some variant of "I have this bottle of wine, what should I serve with it?" It's a fun game, especially if you're an adventurous cook who doesn't hesitate to

Wine and food pairings: hints and tricks

"The first thing that must be said about matching food and wine is that almost any wine can be drunk happily with any food -- within reason." -- Harvey Steinman Harvey is right. When presented with one wine and one plate of food, you'll make it happen because you don't have a

The proper stemware will change your wine life

People are naturally skeptical. So when presented with the idea that stemware not only makes a difference but can completely change your physical perception of a wine, most people raise an eyebrow. And that's okay. We're not trained to think that a glass matters. Plates don't change the taste of food, do they?
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