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Champagne vintages 1988-2013

Vintage Champagne is a rarity, only about 10% of the total production of the region. On average the producers will declare about three out of every ten years. The producers themselves declare the vintage for the house, there is no "regional announcement" or vintage decree. This means that even on

The Little Itty-Bitty Secret Champagne Codes

On every bottle of champagne is a secret code, often in a font smaller than you thought possible. Take out your magnifying glass, for you’re about to learn a neat trick. That code will start with two letters followed by a series of numbers. The numbers are simply a champagne

Grower Champagne producer profiles

Many of you have asked for a cheat sheet of sorts regarding our list of Grower-Producer Champagnes. We are firm believers that the more you know about where your wine comes from, the more you'll enjoy it. (In that light be sure to also check out our posts on Sparkling

Pairing wine with lutefisk (seriously)

Want to make a bunch of wine experts scratch their head in confusion and minor frustration? Put a plate of lutefisk in front of them along with a wide variety of wines (Cava, Gruner Veltliner, Chardonnay, Cru Beaujolais, and more ... even sake') and ask them to pick the perfect
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