The Wine Company

Rose’ Season 2012 has arrived

Rose' season is in full swing, and we have incredible selections from around the world at The Wine Company. Sales of dry rose' wines continue their upward path, and this is a good time to review how rose' is made as well as some ideas on how to sell it. Making

QR Codes on our trucks are getting attention

In the winter of 2011, as we were launching our QR code shelftalker and mobile website project, Larry Colbeck had an idea: let's plaster our trucks with QR codes as well. A few weeks later the project was done, and Nicholas Livingston said it best: "Those are commanding!" For those of

What is TNBT? (The next big thing)

Trends in wine are interesting, and going all the way back to Boone's Farm and Lancers we can track popular styles and maybe even hypothesize about why these trends emerge. The rise of White Zinfandel from the 1970's well into the early 1990's showed a desire for the sweet tooth, but
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