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What we’re drinking for Thanksgiving 2019

As Thanksgiving rolls around, many in our households are already donning woolens and tweed, eating hearty fare, and taking long after dinner strolls to fill our lungs with the crisp autumn air, walk it all off and warm the soul. We find ourselves lingering over the dishes simmering on the range

A women’s place…is in the vineyard, cellar and everyplace besides

With International Women's Day upon us, we want to make a point of giving a proper shout-out to name but a few of the women winemakers that abound in The Wine Company portfolio. Our hope is that you explore these and raise your glasses to help forge a better working world - a

What are you drinking this Thanksgiving holiday?

Thanksgiving is the great American holiday of feasting and fellowship for the pure purpose of nourishing the commonweal. Rarely are grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and kids, friends and neighbors altogether seated around the table. Thanksgiving gives license to splash out on wine of a higher order –but these must still compliment

Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s Thanksgiving Wine Pick: Pavao Vinho Verde

For fans of Lynne Rosseto Kasper and her show The Splendid Table, you know that her suggestions are phenomenal and especially when it comes to Thanksgiving, indispensable! She was a guest on this week's Marketplace Weekend and what do you suppose she proclaimed as the "One wine you should have on

Thanksgiving 2014 picks from The Wine Company

It's almost here! One of our favorite holidays of the year, where it's all about food and wine! Every year we ask around the office to find out what our staff is looking forward to popping. Being a bunch that enjoys their food and wine, it's always fun to read what

Understanding Cru Beaujolais (and why it’s perfect for Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving can be such a difficult holiday, and we're not talking just about family members with opposing political and religious views being forced around a table together. We're talking about a bigger conflict: food and wine. We're talking about having a huge variety of deliciousness on the table, including the obscure

Larry Colbeck’s recipe for ribs revealed

The Feast of Saint Thibault 2013 is behind us, and another glorious evening of wine, friends, and ribs has past. If you have not yet seen the photos of the event or the staff picks for best wines of the night, be sure to check them out. One of the most

Celebrating National Potato Chip Day with grower Champagne (and lots of videos)

We love our chips. We keep our cupboards fully stocked at all times at The Wine Company. Classic, kettle, sea salt, salt & black pepper, dill, onion, hot buffalo wings, french onion, onion and garlic, cheddar and sour cream, mesquite, and more. After we return from Europe we get the delicious

Best wine gifts of 2012

We're down to the wire. One a few days left of holiday shopping, and you still have that one person on your list. It's the wine lover. You know the one, always bringing incredible wines to your house just to share and enjoy. The one that jumps up from the

Sparkling Wine: the top 5 things you need to know

As we enter the home stretch of the holiday season more and more sparkling wine will be purchased and consumed. To get the most out of your bottles, we present the top 5 things you need to know (to enjoy your sparkling wine more than everybody else). 1. Don't open a
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