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Alexis Bailly Vineyards on a Sunday afternoon: does life get any better?

We are in the middle of summer in Minnesota. The excitement of the first blossoms of Spring are long behind us, the anticipation of the State Fair is in the air. Some days are sticky to the point of New Orleans dreams at night (very fitting considering the focus of

New arrival: Hindsight Wines of Napa Valley

Perhaps it's our love of European wines, with their acidity and food friendliness. Or perhaps it's because of Wil Bailey's extremely picky nature even with things as straightforward as rose'. Whatever it is, here is the truth: we don't represent very much Napa Valley wine at The Wine Company, mainly because

Barbecue Wines: Finding the perfect pairing

Summer season is in high gear, and this week we will be celebrating with the feast of Saint Thibault (barbecued meats and French wines). The question comes up often: what are the best wines for barbecued fare? It's a broad question, and has a multitude of answers. Let's start with some

New arrival: Heartland wines of Australia

There is a cosmic shift happening in Australian wines. While the ranks of the 'big guys' (Rosemount, Penfolds, Lindemann's, Yellow Tail, the list goes on and on...) continue to pump out forgettable juice while desperately creating new products to try to grab market share, there is a quiet minority actually
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