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NEW Spirits Portfolio 5.0 is here!

Our Interactive Digital Spirits Portfolio 5.0 is here! The Wine Company SPIRITS PORTFOLIO has it all! Whether it is Japanese Whisky or foraged Amaro, a rare age statement Single Malt or the finest grain-to-glass expressions grown right here in Minnesota, various regional Aperitivi to vintage Armagnacs, Rum to Clairin, Absinthe, Grappa,

The proper stemware will change your wine life

People are naturally skeptical. So when presented with the idea that stemware not only makes a difference but can completely change your physical perception of a wine, most people raise an eyebrow. And that's okay. We're not trained to think that a glass matters. Plates don't change the taste of food, do they?

The BEST Stemware for Champagne might surprise you

It's the final week of the year, which marks the peak of Champagne season. While we believe Champagne is one of the best food wines around, and should be consumed far more often than just special occasions, there is no doubt it is still the drink of celebration first and
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