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2018 Rosé season is in full bloom!

Pull up a chair with our man Wil Bailey, Portfolio Director here at The Wine Company, as he offers a few notes and highlights on this year’s rosé offering based on our recent tastings both here and abroad.   2017 Rosé vintage in France The good news (really) is that this vintage was


Catch up with Wil Bailey on the rosés of Europe and hear what our discerning Portfolio Director has to share after sifting through thousands of rosés to focus on only the best -with a particular focus on the finest of France. "2015 is an excellent vintage all over Europe. It is

Wil Bailey’s Three Favorite Rosés of 2015

Every now and again we like to corner our Portfolio Manger, Wil Bailey, and ask him to list his favorite wines in a given category. Rosé in August is a particular favorite to inquire about, for late in the summer he's been able to taste the evolution of the rosé wines

Rose’ season 2014 is upon us!

For those of you reading from outside of Minnesota, let us give you a hint of why we love rose' so much in our state. From November 2013 to April 2014 we had (if you add up all the hours) 25.1 DAYS of sub-zero weather in the Twin Cities. From

Wil Bailey’s favorite rose’ of 2013 part three (and some great rose’ pairing recipes from local food bloggers)

Photo hat tip to @amanda_paa at See below for more info on this delicious and easy to make bacony thing. Before we get to Wil Bailey's rose' pick part three, let's talk a bit about wine and food pairings, specifically regarding dry rose' wines. Most wine and food pairing is based

Chateau Miraval Rose’ in Minnesota

What's the highest demand rose' wine in ... well, ever? Brad and Angelina's new rose' project, Chateau Miraval. The wine has been getting great press, and was recently discussed on the morning show with The Current at 89.3fm (thank you Chuck!). The demand for this wine has been incredible worldwide ... the

Wil Bailey’s favorite rose’ of 2013 part two: Cabernet de Saumur

Before we get to the next of Wil's picks for 2013 rose', a question: What makes for a great rose'? Should it reflect the grape that it is made from? (Yes, of course.) Should it reflect the place that it's from? (For sure.) Should the wine blissfully dismiss any notion of seriousness so

Wil Bailey’s favorite rose’ of 2013 part one: Martin Ray Rose’ of Pinot Noir

Rose' is loved here at The Wine Company. A big part of our company philosophy is the fraternity and friendship around the world of wine, and there is no wine better for this than dry rose' while sitting around our patio (even with a slice of watermelon in it --

The 2013 Rose’ season has begun!

Every year we host a huge tasting for the retailers and restaurants of Minnesota to make their picks for the newest releases of rose. This year's tasting happened yesterday while the temperature in the Twin Cities hit 98 degrees (luckily we have a temperature controlled warehouse to enjoy during events

Barbecue Wines: Finding the perfect pairing

Summer season is in high gear, and this week we will be celebrating with the feast of Saint Thibault (barbecued meats and French wines). The question comes up often: what are the best wines for barbecued fare? It's a broad question, and has a multitude of answers. Let's start with some
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