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The Joys of Austria and Germany in 2019 and 2020

2019: A Superb Vintage Germany In what was a trying year for nearly everyone, we were fortunate to find a bright spot in tasting the German 2019s. From the Mosel down through the Pfalz, the general consensus was that 2019 was a spectacular vintage, according to Johannes Selbach, “2019 is an excellent

Austria // DOES NOT EQUAL // Germany

Given The Wine Company's resplendent portfolio of Austrian and German wines, we have penned a primer for a Little Library we've been printing for years but are now rolling out digitally. This first digital primer is on die Weine von Österreich und Deutschland. Enjoy a taste of it here... Austria &

Notable Noses: Bill Hooper

We are proud to announce a new video series from The Wine Company entitled "Notable Noses" featuring some of our favorite wine personalities from around the Twin Cities, the state of Minnesota, and the world beyond. In Notable Noses we will cover lots of great information to help you gain insight

The Bill Hooper Report: Germany Harvest 2012

Today's guest post is from Bill Hooper, former salesman at The Wine Company and now a key man in the wine scene in the Pfalz region of Germany. For those of you that don't know Bill, he's a eloquent champion of all things German, but especially Riesling. The guy knows
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