The Wine Company

The annual feast of Saint Thibault (2012)

Every July we at The Wine Company pay hommage to Saint Thibault, the patron saint of Charcoal (not to be confused with Saint Alexander, the patron saint of charcoal burners ... who knew Weber had such influence?). Being a French saint, we of course enjoy French wine with our feast. What's

QR Codes continue to proliferate

In November of 2011 we launched our QR Code shelftalker and database project. For those of you not familiar with it, here is the skinny: we wanted to be the first wholesaler and importer in the country to give consumers access to our database of tasting notes, photos, and videos

Eating “tipica” in Piedmont, Italy

Traveling in the great wine regions of Europe is not only an exercise in enjoying fermented grape juice, but also the typical dishes of the region. The fact is, as wine lovers, we are also food lovers and throughout Europe the two are tied together. It's easy as Americans to forget

The Dinner in Barbaresco

Greetings from Piedmonte, Italy! Yesterday began a week of touring and tasting with Brian Larky, founder and owner of Dalla Terra Winery Direct. His history and business model are pretty incredible, and I'm lucky to be able to spend time with him in his 'other home', Italy. These trips involve a
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