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Wil Bailey’s Three Favorite Rosés of 2015

Every now and again we like to corner our Portfolio Manger, Wil Bailey, and ask him to list his favorite wines in a given category. Rosé in August is a particular favorite to inquire about, for late in the summer he's been able to taste the evolution of the rosé wines

Do you know Jurançon?

Here at The Wine Company we are always on the lookout for the wonderfully odd, be it a region or grapes. Why? Because it makes for fun conversations, a way to connect with the intrinsically curious, and most of all to support the smaller winemakers of these obscure but historically important

Three great wines for grilled fare

We love our grilled food at The Wine Company, especially during a nice summer evening on our company patio playing a little bocce ball and listening to great music. What to drink with grilled food is a topic that comes up every summer, and this year we have three great
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