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Talking Grower Champagne at WCCO

We have been invited to the studios of WCCO Television to discuss the world of Grower Champagnes with their superstar reporter Jason DeRusha. We will be talking about three wines in particular to profile different parts of the Grower Champagne movement. This segment will air Saturday morning, December 29th, during the 8:00

The BEST Stemware for Champagne might surprise you

It's the final week of the year, which marks the peak of Champagne season. While we believe Champagne is one of the best food wines around, and should be consumed far more often than just special occasions, there is no doubt it is still the drink of celebration first and

Best wine gifts of 2012

We're down to the wire. One a few days left of holiday shopping, and you still have that one person on your list. It's the wine lover. You know the one, always bringing incredible wines to your house just to share and enjoy. The one that jumps up from the

Sparkling Wine: the top 5 things you need to know

As we enter the home stretch of the holiday season more and more sparkling wine will be purchased and consumed. To get the most out of your bottles, we present the top 5 things you need to know (to enjoy your sparkling wine more than everybody else). 1. Don't open a

How to be a Prosecco Pro

There is no category in the world of Sparkling Wine that has garnered as much market share in such a short period of time as Prosecco. But what, reallly, is Prosecco? You might think you know the answers, but recent changes in Italian wine law require a refresher course. Also, understanding

Sparkling Wine vs. Champagne

As we roll into the holiday season, we are preparing to hear more of the **pop-pop-pop** of sparkling wine bottles being opened. A question that comes up often is this: what is the difference between "Sparkling Wine" and "Champagne"? We have the easy and short answer for you, but also a

Two Cotes du Rhones, two very different styles

The Wine Company's history with the Rhone goes back to Larry's love of the wines when he was a retailer in the 1970's and 1980's. Back then, it was an overlooked region that appealed to wine insiders due to the incredible bang for the buck available.  Even into the mid
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