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Chateau Miraval Rose’ in Minnesota

What's the highest demand rose' wine in ... well, ever? Brad and Angelina's new rose' project, Chateau Miraval. The wine has been getting great press, and was recently discussed on the morning show with The Current at 89.3fm (thank you Chuck!). The demand for this wine has been incredible worldwide ... the

Wil Bailey’s favorite rose’ of 2013 part two: Cabernet de Saumur

Before we get to the next of Wil's picks for 2013 rose', a question: What makes for a great rose'? Should it reflect the grape that it is made from? (Yes, of course.) Should it reflect the place that it's from? (For sure.) Should the wine blissfully dismiss any notion of seriousness so

Wil Bailey’s favorite rose’ of 2013 part one: Martin Ray Rose’ of Pinot Noir

Rose' is loved here at The Wine Company. A big part of our company philosophy is the fraternity and friendship around the world of wine, and there is no wine better for this than dry rose' while sitting around our patio (even with a slice of watermelon in it --

The 2013 Rose’ season has begun!

Every year we host a huge tasting for the retailers and restaurants of Minnesota to make their picks for the newest releases of rose. This year's tasting happened yesterday while the temperature in the Twin Cities hit 98 degrees (luckily we have a temperature controlled warehouse to enjoy during events

The TRUTH about Sulfites in wine

Let's start with the facts, then go into the details. Fact #1: If you get headaches from wine, it is most likely not because of the sulfites. Fact #2: Sulfites are a natural and essential ingredient for wine stabilization. To repeat: natural and essential. Fact #3: European wines contain the same amount of sulfites as those in America. It's
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