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Saint Thibault 2020

Rodin's Thinker thinking about what day Saint Thibault 2020 ought to be...
We’ve been thinking… and we think our friends in the trade, our customers, ought to save-the-date for La Fête de Saint Thibault. It’ll be at a distance and involve a little curbside pickup but it is certain to keep the spirit alive and the spirits high. More details to follow

Raising a glass to Wine Geek Week – Portugal

LOOKING FORWARD TO CELEBRATE THE WINES OF PORTUGAL Wine Geek Week Portugal Edition August 13-18, 2017 More event details below . . . Revved up to celebrate wines of Portugal We are drinking Portuguese wines more than ever before. Our Summer favorites span from the thirst slaking Vinho Verdes of Quinta da Raza to the traditional aperitivo of

Photos and videos from the Grower Champagne Extravaganza

What happens when hundreds of wine lovers and hundreds of bottles of incredible Champagne from tiny and integrity-driven producers are in one room together? Relive the Grower Champagne Extravaganza below ... photos, videos, and more! If you're looking for tasting notes from the event those can be found here.

Tasting notes from the Grower Champagne Extravaganza

Wow! Many thanks to the hundreds of consumers that came out to our Grower Champagne Extravaganza on January 25th, 2014! The room was packed with wonderful people enjoying incredible Champagnes all produced from boutique-sized houses. It was an afternoon to remember! But for many (us included!) some of the nuance and details

Grower Champagne: Families, Farming, and the Future

We are getting incredibly excited about the upcoming Grower Champagne Extravaganza, coming on January 25th, 2014. To help spread the word, here is a personal invite from Larry Colbeck, founder and owner of The Wine Company. This is quickly shaping up to be the greatest Champagne tasting ever held in the

Announcing The Wine Company’s Grower Champagne extravaganza on Saturday January 25th, 2014

  THE WINE COMPANY PRESENTS THE GROWER CHAMPAGNE EXTRAVAGANZA! Saturday January 25th, 2014 1:00 pm - 4:00pm Ready to join The Wine Company for an afternoon you'll never forget? On Saturday afternoon, January 25th 2014, we are popping a huge amount of the best Champagnes you can imagine, and we are inviting YOU! Why? To thank
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