Like a rug pulled from beneath our feet, the Covid 19 crisis has flipped the world we knew on its head. Forced to adapt to new safety protocols and to take every precaution to ensure our physical and mental health, each and every one of us has adopted new routines just to meet basic needs let alone keep our sanity and social lives intact – albeit remotely by and large.

We are going through unprecedented times which increase our individual stress as well as a collective anxiety. We seek togetherness like never before through video chats and long phone calls. Some friends and family simply cannot risk seeing one another no matter the urgency. For those lucky enough to share a home, we find ourselves savoring time at the table like never before.

Happy hours over a cocktail at the end of the day and rounding out our meals with a glass of wine, these calm us and provide us pleasure – in a time when everything we knew and enjoy feels a bit strained. To this end our partnering bottle shops were rightfully deemed essential to the well-being of the commonweal.

They have had to navigate health concerns of employees and customers, adjust delivery times, upend their day to day with new stocking strategies, marketing efforts, delivery/curbside, and in-store sanitation procedures. For the most part they have done this without the addition of staff. Grocery workers have received a lot of attention for being on “the front lines” and rightfully so but please remember our retail partners are doing this same front line work.

Keeping us in good spirits and setting our tables comes at a sacrifice – a risk every single day. Retailers are interfacing with so many people just to help the rest of us keep our chins up. For this we thank you and hope you continue to take every precaution to ensure we can continue lifting up the spirits across Minnesota while we navigate this difficult time.

We remain ever grateful,

Your friends and partners at The Wine Company

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