Given The Wine Company’s resplendent portfolio of Austrian and German wines, we have penned a primer for a Little Library we’ve been printing for years but are now rolling out digitally. This first digital primer is on die Weine von Österreich und Deutschland. Enjoy a taste of it here…

Austria & Germany

Germany and Austria are not he same, nor are they what they used to be. Sharing a language, a love of Riesling, and a viticultural history stretching back millennia, Austria and Germany are often lumped together in the minds of wine drinkers.

A quick primer, however, might help us better appreciate these two distinct cultures, whose soils and slope, climate, grape varieties, grape growing and winemaking styles offer countless microclimates and contrasting expressions -that beckon exploration.

For all their appetizing charms and expressive terroir, Austrian and German wines may share a place in the heart of hearts among sommeliers, but their devotees would never confuse a Riesling of the Wachau with that of the Mosel, nor confuse the particular charms of these wine growing countries.

In this brief little wine book we hope to show how the wines of Austria and Germany are distinct and distinguished in their own right, so as to appreciate them all the more.

To read more or download the entire PDF, follow these links to Austria DOES NOT EQUAL GERMANY – A Primer in the Wines of Austria and Germany:


Austria DOES NOT EQUAL Germany
A primer in the Wines of Austria and Germany >>>


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