What a marvelous time we have shared together over all the years and over so many wondrous wines!

Founded in 1985, The Wine Company is marking its 33rd Anniversary and we could not be prouder of how we and the wine scene here in Minnesota have evolved hand in hand. Starting with an impressive albeit small stable of notable wineries, our roots were first planted by Larry Colbeck and David Johnson in October of 1985.

Since then we have grown from a Rhône and Beaune house run by this pair to a glorious portfolio stretching the globe and represented here by the 45 employees that bring the finest appellations to you.

From notable domestic wineries in Oregon, Washington, California and New York to the great terroirs across Europe, from the finest Sake portfolio to ever come out of Japan and Oregon to farmstead ciders of England, and our newest endeavor to curate a premium spirits portfolio nonpareil, our emphasis remains all that is small and beautiful, family owned, sustainable, organic, biodynamic, and above extraordinary value at every turn.

Our years working with you have proven that we share this passion, this desire for authenticity, and that these are embraced by the thirsty public at large.

Raising a glass to you and to thirty three marvelous years of The Wine Company!

Nous levons un verre pour vous, pour nous et pour toutes ces années ensemble! À la tienne!

All of your friends at The Wine Company

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