It is hard to find the words that properly express the intensity of emotions that get invoked in association with the brutality, injustice, and systemic racism that exists in our own Frogtown backyard, other Minnesota communities, and across our country.  These are highly charged times fueled by recent tragedy and now the pending verdict of accountability for Derek Chauvin’s actions.  Hurt, anger and fear surround us in many forms.  In this time of social anguish and upheaval we must look out for one another with support, care and compassion.

As an organization we hold ourselves to the highest standard and commitment to antiracism through social change by way of our corporate actions.  We know that we all have a role to play in building a more equitable, inclusive, and safe community. It is our commitment and practice to stand up for equality, diversity, and justice. We seek out opportunities to support our neighborhood community, diverse communities at large, and to support minority owned businesses.

Black lives matter, Brown lives matter, Asian lives matter, your lives matter.

Be safe, be kind to each other, be the change we need!




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