As we celebrate another Earth Day and all the possibilities this noble holiday inspires, we reflect on how we can hone our eco-conscientious approach to everything we do.

We also reflect on what efforts we have made thus far that proved significant enough to encourage others to do the same. Among the most eye opening has been going solar.

On November 16th 2017, The Wine Company flipped the switch to become Minnesota’s First Solar Powered Wine Distributor. Since then, we have saved an average 183 pounds of CO2 emissions every single day which is the equivalent of planting more than 500 trees every year!

Committed to sustainable initiatives at every turn, it comes as no surprise The Wine Company went solar. As an importer with a strong focus on sustainable, organic, and biodynamic wines, it comes as no surprise that many wineries in this wish-list of a portfolio are solar powered as well. Ever conscious of the ecological impact of each decision at every turn, The Wine Company decided it was time. Why wouldn’t you? In an age of global warming and the climatic upheaval in response, migrating to solar power proved the right thing to do not only for its common sense but the dollars and sense of it.

Thanks to an enormous, exposed roof regularly bathing in daylight, The Wine Company has plenty of room to spare for two massive solar arrays totaling 188 solar panels. Altogether this solar garden is capable of 150,000 kilowatt hours –an annual output providing enough electricity to power the average Minnesota household for nearly seventeen years!

The Earth receives more energy from the sun every hour than all the people on the planet consume every year. Sunlight provides a boundless renewable energy –not only to ripen all the grapes in all the vineyards sourced by The Wine Company but also to power our temperature-controlled warehouse, offices, and entertaining areas that host every sort of educational trade tasting. Now Minnesota retailers and restaurateurs, and wine lovers at large can rest assured that The Wine Company’s commitment to the environment doesn’t end in the bottle itself but proves a raison d’etre and a shining example of what is to come.

Care to explore solar powered wineries brought to Minnesota by The Wine Company? Check out the list of our Solar Powered producers in our GREEN PAGES here >>>

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