Navigating this time in history is not without pain and suffering. Between our personal crises, an ever-frustrating pandemic with unprecedented isolation, and the terrible injustices all around us, we find ourselves in a hard world that we hardly recognize. Yet despite these collective struggles each of us are left to walk this path individually with no one person better than another. We are simply different. Humanity is imperfect.

If ever there was a time for compassion, patience and understanding, that time is now. Our consciences urge us to find comfort in one another, hug those we can safely hold close, cry together, listen without judgement and speak without criticism, there is much we do not know about the individuals suffering around us and for this it is important to do our best to find the good in the world that continues to be demonstrated all around us even during these dark times.

Few companies have a President who would personally address this in such intimacy and yet this is the message we heard from Robbin Hilgert following the loss of George Floyd and all the pain that rose in response. How few Presidents of any company write, “I am holding you all close to my heart now and always.  Be kind to yourself and the world around you.” Imploring us not to hesitate to call if we felt the need to reach out.

After all the heartbreak and destruction, as our cities woke up with brooms, shovels and wheelbarrows to come out in response and to help the community as a community, we were reminded of Fred Rodgers who told us how when he was a boy he “would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

In response to Robbin’s message and all that our cities were suffering from, one of our colleagues Ben Ivascu rose to the call and asked if we could donate the use of our trucks to help out in delivering groceries and supplies for organizations that were collecting for those most in need. “I’m willing to be a driver” and his girlfriend Debbie would help with coordination and spreadsheeting.

Other volunteers followed and in the week that followed truckloads of food and supplies went out to rebuilding our communities. Thank you Ben! Thank all of you who are helping in so many ways as we move forward to help our community heal and grow together.

We will get through this together!

Should you know of such charitable endeavors in need of a lift, please know we have trucks available to assist with donation deliveries and our man Ben would love to hear from you at 

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