Our Interactive Digital Spirits Portfolio 5.0 is here!

The Wine Company SPIRITS PORTFOLIO has it all! Whether it is Japanese Whisky or foraged Amaro, a rare age statement Single Malt or the finest grain-to-glass expressions grown right here in Minnesota, various regional Aperitivi to vintage Armagnacs, Rum to Clairin, Absinthe, Grappa, Mezcal, Sotol, varied expressions of botanically based Gins, Tequila, Canned Spritz to Canned Spritzer, Bitters, Organic Cognac, Calvados, Sherries, Vermouth, Fruit and/or Vegetable Eaux-de-Vie, proper Austrian Schnapps, Fruit Based Liqueurs, Pear Williams, Griottini, Mistelles, Creme de …Cassis …Fraise …Framboise …Gigembre …Griotte …Mûre …Pêche, spirits from Israel, Japanese Shochu, whiskies cask finished in Berkeley, Apple based Gins from New York, Manzanilla made for the royal court, Welsh Single Malts, Scotch from the highlands to the islands from sweet and rich to the smoky notes of the seaside, the Piemontese Single Malts from Italy’s Highlands, Arak from Palestine, spirits of Detroit, or even the finest spirits glasses from Riedel to put them in and more about the MN Ice available to help you build a superior cocktail… The Wine Company Spirits Portfolio has it all  in an informative, gorgeously formatted, interactive, digital PDF with a clickable Table of Contents, active links throughout, and a interactive Index. Instead of scrolling aimlessly, why not have a read and enjoy an hour well spent learning more about these singular expressions and the traditions behind them? We hope you enjoy it!

The Wine Company SPIRITS PORTFOLIO >>>

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