In 1834, a full 100 years before the introduction of the A.O.C. system, Antoine Jaboulet began to transform a sleepy region into one of the most important quality winegrowing terroirs in the world. Since that time, the estate has become the benchmark in the Northern Rhone, and the iconic Hermitage ‘La Chapelle’ being responsible for some of the greatest wines ever produced.

Ten years ago, the Frey Family purchased this historic property and committed tremendous effort and resources to improve upon the already legendary estate. They immediately started converting the estate vineyards to biodynamic principals and encouraging sustainable practices from every family grower they work with. With each successive vintage the purifying effects of these natural agricultural improvements can be felt and tasted.

This is one of France’s finest estates; the crown jewel of the Rhône Valley. Oenologist and Proprietress Caroline Frey, alongside Winemaking Director Jacques Desvernois, are producing THE authentic standard for quality Syrah across the Northern Rhône. We at The Wine Company are incredibly proud to present Paul Jaboulet Aîné to our Minnesota partners.

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