Good Picpoul-de-Pinet is hard to find. Simple, cheap and cheerful is easy but many are too raspy, neutral, or struggle to find their balance on this stony ground of the Languedoc. Picpoul-de-Pinet ought to be bright and buoyant, invigorating and refreshing with enough texture, fruit and floral fragrance to charm the table and match any fruit-de-mer being served. Our long search was rewarded with La Dent Picpoul-de-Pinet and we hope you find it as charming as we do!


L A   D E N T   P I C P O U L – D E – P I N E T 


  • Made from 100% Piquepoul –an invigorating white grape of the Languedoc
  • Planted to the limestone appellation of Picpoul-de-Pinet of France’s Coteaux du Languedoc just west of the Thun Lagoon near the Mediterranean
  • Celebrated through the centuries since the days of the Roman Empire, this is lemony fresh and fragrant of hawthorn and acacia and always bears an excellent structure of refreshing acidity which earned its place at the table
  •  A refreshing glass of wine that neutralizes the salt and iodine in shellfish and other crustaceans, but also makes for a great white for freshwater fish and is surprisingly good with rich cheese and charcuterie.


Planted to the seashell limestone soils of the Vilafranchiennes Terrasses in the Languedoc near the Mediterranean Sea, the vines average 22 years old offering a spectrum of flavor in terms of maturity. This also offers a pure expression of the region and the variety. Simply harvested, cold settled, and bottled after a short span in stainless steel, this is crystal clear with green highlights, though it can express more golden tones over time from older vines. Soft and delicate on the nose, La Dent offers pleasant hints of acacia and hawthorn blossom. Delicate and fresh in the mouth, it has an excellent acid/structure balance. Picpoul de Pinet is not only splendid with seafood and shellfish as well as other traditional Mediterranean dishes, but also with cheese and chocolate although whatever it is paired with, it is best drunk cool and young within three years of its vintage.


La Dent Picpoul-de-Pinet is made by Guilhem Bascou a young winemaker in charge of this passionate family estate since 1997. Founded by his father Guy who was the President of Picpoul de Pinet Appellation, he now helps his son in the vineyard and the wine-making process while mother Marie-Claude manages all the administrative work. They grow 15 acres of Piquepoul, this unique grape of Picpoul de Pinet –now the largest appellation of white wines in the Languedoc. Situated around the Thau Lagoon, near the Mediterranean Sea, La Dent Picpoul de Pinet is an archetype of the appellation embodying this grape perfectly suited to its this terroir…hence its slogan, “Its Terroir is the Sea”.

Snap up some bottles of Picpoul-de-Pinet, hit up your local fishmonger for an assortment of shellfish and crustaceons, or else pop down to your chest freezer to fry up some fish from our generous 10,000 lakes, ahem… 11,842 lakes, and hang on to the summer sun.

À la tienne!

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