We’ve been thinking… and we think our friends in the trade, our customers, ought to save-the-date for La Fête de Saint Thibault. It’ll be at a distance and involve a little curbside pickup but it is certain to keep the spirit alive and the spirits high. More details to follow via our business-to-business emails to you the trade. ♥️

While Covid19 has wiped social calendars of their usual milestones, we at The Wine Company look forward all year to expressing our thanks by hosting you at the Feast of St Thibault when we taste through our French portfolio and savor grilled fare altogether as one.

We might not be able to gather arm-in-arm and glass-in-hand but this does not mean we cannot set your table and raise a glass from afar! Instead of “Come taste France -we’ll show you around!” Our message in the times of Covid will be, Chez Vous Chez Nous –at home with us!

Saint Thibault 2020 will be a Tour de France at a social distance! The Wine Company will fire up the grills, prepare all the usual fare, and pull hundreds of bottles for you who RSVP to pick up Saint Thibault curbside. Larry has just announced the day so clear your calendar to spend the afternoon celebrating Saint Thibault in a whole new way.

As we all keep calm and carryout #StThibault2020, we keep the spirit alive and honor this the roots and tradition of The Wine Company.

Slots to get in on the fun are limited. Want to ensure your place July 23rd? Check your email inbox or talk with your friendly sales rep to RVSP today!

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