Because no tasting can contain the complete, in-depth education we all deserve, because Paul Daggett cannot work the floor of every bottle shop or restaurant dining room, because Dana is foraging for the next hand-harvested amaro while Taylor is playing host to a visiting distiller working their way about town, and because Wil and Larry are likely overseas sourcing the wines we are proud to import directly into Minnesota, The Wine Company has built this Little Library of Scout Books first and foremost for fun and to provide a tidy edification that might translate a little interest into a deeper passion.

Knowledge is above all a pleasure. It can also lead to greater power and profit which there make three reasons we love to share all we know at trade tastings and staff trainings. These gatherings are finite however and our precious time together limited. For this we have collected our thoughts into little primers on various topics from regions to categories to help one wrap one’s head around all one needs to know to come prepared for any table talk. With just enough detail to arm the amateur and sommelier alike, these cover essentials without losing anyone among the weeds.

We hope you enjoy checking out each little wine book in turn, so pull up a chair and tuck in! Each is available in an easy-to-read Portable Document Format so just tap on any book cover and away you go.

When reading from a phone or tablet, depending on your browser, some find it best to download the PDF for a wider page-by-page view – and be sure to BOOKMARK this page so you can easily bring this Little Library on the go!


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