Babies have three essential needs:
Love, Nutrition & Diapers

Unfortunately, diapers are financially out of reach for 1 in 3 Minnesota families who struggle to provide what is needed for their babies and toddlers, costing an average of $1000 per year, per child in diapers. Parents in our state are facing the tragic choice between purchasing enough food for their family or keeping their little ones clean and healthy.

While there are resources in place to help families afford nutritious food for their children, public assistance like WIC is not accepted for diaper purchases. As well, most daycares require parents to provide a week’s worth of diapers to even enroll which can be an impeding road block for mothers looking to return to work.

Finally, diaper need hurts babies and parents on so many levels but is not openly discussed because it is a source of shame for parents who cannot keep their baby in clean diapers. It’s hard to imagine the ongoing stress and anxiety this causes families.

Our goal in conducting a diaper drive is to reduce diaper need and raise awareness for this issue that effects so many Minnesota families with babies and toddlers in diapers.

Please consider helping us by donating any of the following that will be brought to the Diaper Bank of Minnesota:

  • New packages of diapers
  • Opened diaper packages
  • Wipes
  • Money (cash or check)

The Diaper Bank of Minnesota is a registered 501©3 non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible. 

Please take part in the Diaper Drive at The Wine Company – now extended through Valentine’s Day! 

Should you find yourself short on time or far from The Wine Company during the drive, it is easy to order up some diapers online at Target and simply have them delivered with Target’s FREE 2 Day Delivery to:

The Wine Company
425 W Minnehaha Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55103

With gratitude,

The Wine Company

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