After leading the charge in all things green from solar and sustainability to organic and biodynamic, THE WINE COMPANY is proud to foray into a greener future and riding high on the notion that all in MN will think of TWC for THC!

It all came about from a day of toking hookahs and hotboxing the temperature controlled Sake Cooler… Soon thanks to TWC, ahem, The WEED Company, you will now have “a guy” to load up on tinnies of tea and for all your needs from blazing blunts to the best trichome to satisfy your most discerning backrolling aristocrats. Don’t find yourself pulling from a cashed bat or downsmoking your grandma’s ditchweed!

From endo to edibles, indica to sativa, yerba to white rhinos: we’ll have it all so clean out your kief for some killer buds! TWC looks to HOOK YOU UP with some loud laughing grass so get ready to pack a bowl of pakalolo and reup on some purp nugs because we look forward to skinning up a snipe of Sour D and getting steamrolled together with some sungrown sticky icky Minnesota!

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