Andrea Felici Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

“East of the Appennines where the alpine winds meet the cool maritime wines of the Adriatic at 500m, the vineyards cling to hilly, calcareous clay and limestone soils.”

“Verdicchio is a very old grape, and a slow ripening grape with nice acidity, and great tension. It made its way from the north when some real estate became available in the 15th century when the Plague was plaguing Europe.”

“In the glass it is energetic and balanced by a bitter twist from three months on the lees – immediately pleasurable but rewards searching -with a crisp acidity but a rich mid palate. More of a tightrope than the more fleshy, peachy Garofoli that we also know and love and recommend.”

“They only make TWO wines (!) and the Riserva not every year so their best sometimes just goes into the Superiore meaning this is THE Verdicchio you want.”

“For more information, they have a great website. For any haters out there, Ian D’Agata’s Native Grapes of Italy holds this grape in the highest esteem. It is one of the best wines in our book that few have ever heard about. Oodelally!”


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