Before we get to the next of Wil’s picks for 2013 rose’, a question: What makes for a great rose’?

Should it reflect the grape that it is made from? (Yes, of course.)

Should it reflect the place that it’s from? (For sure.)

Should the wine blissfully dismiss any notion of seriousness so you can get the task at hand and just enjoy it? For rose’, yes.

Some people are intrigued: if we are to call ourselves serious wine people, how can we be so passionate about something as cheery, gulpable, and simply likeable as a great glass of rose’?

It’s easy.

Here’s a context to put this in: We drink oodles of dry pink wine here at The Wine Company. It has come to mean something to us, and that something is not about the details or the marketability of a wine. It’s not about adjectives. It’s not about pontificating. And it’s most definitely not about scores (rarely is in these parts).

It’s about the seasons. It’s about the lilacs starting to bloom (finally this year). It’s about sitting outside on the patio and being amongst friends, laughing the evening away. It’s about marking the start to a great summertime, hanging at the cabin or idling away the day fishing.

It’s about savoring life during this little sliver of time in Minnesota that we call summer. For the same reason we have more golfers per capita than anywhere else in the country, we have an equally embracing rose’ culture.

We have other wines in our warehouse to pontificate about. But rose’ is the opposite.

Rose’ is about living well, surrounded by laughter, friends, and sunshine. That’s what makes for a great rose’.


This year we’ve cornered Wil Bailey to bring his top picks of the rose’ season. With literally hundreds to choose from in all sorts of different styles, he fretted and hemmed and hawed (how do you choose a favorite child?) but finally handed over his list.

We present to you part two of Wil’s favorite rose’s of 2013.
(Did you miss part one?)

Caves de Saumur “Cabernet de Saumur Rose” 2012

Cab de Saumur Rose 2012


Truth be told, this is my personal favorite Rose this year. I always like this wine (I like Cabernet Franc a lot in most of its guises), but this year’s release is particularly excellent. Sumptuous and satisfying are the first two words which come to mind, but please don’t construe that to mean this is a heavy Rose. It has all the freshness a good Rose should, but it combines that freshness with a completely enjoyable juicy roundness that just makes it a complete pleasure to drink. As it has a little more mid palate than many Rose’s I also think it’s a particularly great “grillin” choice for this summer.  Out of fairness I should also point out that the price/value ratio is absolutely out of this world! – Wil Bailey

Where can you find or enjoy this wine? Below is a list of retailers and restaurants that have purchased the Cabernet de Saumur Rose’. Call ahead to confirm availability. Accounts are arranged alphabetically by city.

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