Our love and portfolio of premium sake stretches back over 20 years at The Wine Company. Together with keen eyed retailers and restaurateurs, our enthusiasm helped build Minnesota into a land of sake connoisseurs.

Importing delectable sake is essential to this but we owe much of this success to working with chef driven restaurants who embrace its endless food pairing opportunities. Fortunate for everyone, sake is no longer the reserve of sushi and kaiseki restaurants alone. Sommeliers today recognize the breadth of experience offered by sake and sake alone. For this the most dynamic drinks menu today provides guests everything from Honjozo to Junmai Daiginjo –often as tasting flights for people to play and explore food pairings themselves. Is there any better way to note distinctions and find one’s favorites than with glass in hand?

Thanks to tastings and classes, Minnesota has enjoyed a groundswell in sake interest across the retail market as well. Bottle shops large and small enjoy a devoted sake custom. Some drive the business with their own newfound passion while others are amazed at how much sake they sell simply by presenting a varied assortment in their chilled section. There is a thirst and if it is met with premium sake it is a bug people catch for good.

Joining forces with SakéOne, The Wine Company is thrilled to widen our stable of premium sake. Those imported from Japan include our long standing partner Hakutsuru and add the sake from the Murai Family, Kibo, Kasumi Tsuru, Yoshi no Gawa, Sakémoto, and Tombo –an illustrious pantheon of Kura –each a boon in its own right. Every bit as thrilling are SakéOne’s very own craft sake brewed in Forest Grove, Oregon since 1997. Since then Momokawa, Moonstone, and G Saké have won more awards than any other sake company in America.

Here’s to raising our glasses high to domestic sake, the best kura of Japan, this newly forged friendship with SakéOne, and to building on Minnesota’s growing enthusiasm –Kanpai!

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