As thrilled as we are proud, we are completely elated to announce that Doug Weber has joined the family at The Wine Company.

As our newest hire to our team of Sales Consultants, Doug brings with him a profound depth of knowledge from his remarkable breadth of experience. From working among vineyards, farms, and wineries from California to Oregon, from Italy to New Zealand -even at some of the finest in Burgundy, Doug’s thirst to know all clearly does not hesitate to roll up his sleeves and ask questions at every step.

Combine that with an established respect throughout local wine circles and Doug’s affable good nature, and we are confident Doug will prove an ideal fit –making the ensemble at The Wine Company evermore nonpareil.

As a growing company, we are always excited to find people that share our values and commitment to thoughtfully serving our various constituents. Doug’s deep experience in the industry, kindhearted approach and dedication to telling the stories of our producer partners will help us fulfill our mission. We are excited to welcome him to the team! –Steve Eiter, Sales Director

Many in the trade know and love the guy already but if you have yet to make his acquaintance, perhaps get to know Doug in his own words on his staff bio here on

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