Staying true to our philosophy at The Wine Company involves many factors. One of those factors is embracing family ownership of wineries, which in turn leads naturally to land stewardship. Who wants their kids to be running through a field of chemicals (especially if they like to snack on the grapes)?

Organic and biodynamic farming practices are not a box we check when building new relationships around the world – it is not a litmus test – but often becomes a quality most of our wineries adhere to naturally.

It just makes sense. If you’re looking to build a small business to last for the long haul, if you’re building your business to pass onto another generation, and if you’re working with an agricultural product that is highly sensitive to effects of chemical manipulation, then ‘going green’ is not only the right path, but often times the only path.

Our experiences with wineries the world over that have converted from conventional farming to organic or biodynamic practices have convinced us of this truth.

So to all our friends and family world-wide, who are walking their fields everyday knowing their little kids can run up to the vine at anytime and eat a grape without worry, we wish you the happiest for Earth Day 2013.

Image: ladybug on vine cuttings, Frog’s Leap Winery, March 2013



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