Perhaps it’s our love of European wines, with their acidity and food friendliness. Or perhaps it’s because of Wil Bailey’s extremely picky nature even with things as straightforward as rose‘. Whatever it is, here is the truth: we don’t represent very much Napa Valley wine at The Wine Company, mainly because we haven’t found much that turns us on.

The number of ‘gooey’ Chardonnays and Cabernets out there is amazing. It seems that in the last five years the problem has only gotten worse as new ‘formulated’ labels continue to show up. We call this a problem because it flies in the face of one of principals: wine should show a true sense of varietal and place, and have a reason to be at a table with food. A surprising number of Napa Valley wines fail at this. Simple as that.

Our small Napa portfolio is packed with wineries we believe show balance, restraint, and a sense of place (wineries such as Cliff Lede, Trefethen, Chateau Montelena, Guilliams, Cain, and Miner). In fact all of these wineries are identified with a particular AVA in Napa Valley and amazingly we have very few wines with just the “Napa Valley” identifier.

That has now changed. We welcome Hindsight Winery to The Wine Company family.

Hindsight is a project born through the friendships of four people: Keith Hargrove, Seth Gersch, Alisa Gean, MD, and the ace in the hole, winemaker Rob Hunter (who was the assistant winemaker at Groth when it received the first 100 point score for a Napa wine from Robert Parker). Their goal sounds like the cliche’ we hear so often: “Great wines at an exceptional price.” We’ve heard this line so many times before that it’s easy to dismiss, except when you are presented with a clear winner and are forced to swallow your assumptions.

Both wines show a sense of place, with the richness of Napa Valley very present. But both wines also show balance and restraint, with a careful use of oak (just a touch) along with integrated aromas and flavors making a complete package. Most of all, both wines have a very “un-Napa” finish, with acidity coming through like a breath of fresh air.

Look for Hindsight at your favorite Minnesota retailer or restaurant, or contact us to find a store. Hindsight is also available to the rest of the country through Artisan Vineyards or through the Hindsight website.

Tasting note: Hindsight Napa Valley Chardonnay 2010
“Bright fruit aromas of apples, citrus and floral notes show classic Carneros, Napa Valley Chardonnay traits. The palate is full and rich, with clean, crisp acidity defining the finish. This is great wine with shellfish, fruit & cheese, or to enjoy with friends.” $21 retail.

Tasting note: Hindsight Napa Valley Cabernet 2010
“Using 100% Napa Valley grapes,we were able to craft this approachable, yet robust, Cabernet that blends Old World & New World styles.  This wine is deep red ruby in color.  Dense ripe blackberry and currant aromas with hints of rose petals and vanilla oak.  Luscious fruit flavors meld with soft elegant tannins.  This wine shows great weight, a full round mid-palate and a lovely long lingering finish.  The 2010 Cabernet is ready to drink now or age-able for 3 to 5 years.   This Cabernet pairs well with grilled meats, pasta, or to enjoy a glass at the end of the day.  An exceptional value for Napa Valley Cabernet.” $25 retail.


The following retailers and restaurants have purchased Hindsight Chardonnay in the previous twelve months. If they are out of stock, you can always request it as a special order. Accounts are listed alphabetically by city.


The following retailers and restaurants have purchased Hindsight Cabernet in the previous twelve months. If they are out of stock, you can always request it as a special order.  Accounts are listed alphabetically by city.


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