In the winter of 2011, as we were launching our QR code shelftalker and mobile website project, Larry Colbeck had an idea: let’s plaster our trucks with QR codes as well. A few weeks later the project was done, and Nicholas Livingston said it best: “Those are commanding!”

For those of your that don’t know what a QR Code is all about, there are some fine tutorials available on the web.

Because the QR Codes on the trucks lead to a mobile website, we can easily track the progress of how many people scan them. Now, granted, we hope people don’t try scanning while driving, but last week a local Social Media guru and consultant, William H Wells III (what a royal sounding name!) happened upon our trucks at a gas station in Lakeville.

The first thing I noticed was how the QR codes were incorporated into messages on all sides of the truck.  The second thing I noticed was the person behind me at the pump scanning the QR Code.  Of course, I had to as well….

This is one of the best examples I’ve seen when it comes to the use of QR codes.

Thank you Mr. Wells! You can read his complete article on our QR trucks at his blog.

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