Our latest digital publication in our Little Library is Tiny Bubbles; A Primer in Champagne – a concise and playful little primer on everything that sparkles and lifts any novice to the realm of the cognoscenti so grab a bottle of something scintillating, pop the cork, pour a glass, pull up a chair and find your place at the table.

From the champagne of the Côte des Blancs to Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne to Côte des Bar, from the Cremants of Alsace or Bourgogne to those of the Loire, from Franciacorta to Prosecco to the superb Lambrusco of Emilia Romagna, and to all the sparkling wines farther afield, there is a broad and beautiful spectrum of wines to explore and enjoy.

Learn all about what sets each of these sparkling wines apart, how each are made, and what that means for the glass in front of you in our latest addition to our digital Little Library: Tiny Bubbles; A Primer in Champagne >>>

Tiny Bubbles | A Primer in Champagne

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