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Portugal - Wine Geek Week

If you’re new to The Wine Company, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay on top of new releases, special announcements, and more. Thanks for visiting!LOOKING FORWARD TO CELEBRATE THE WINES OF PORTUGAL Wine Geek Week Portugal … READ MORE


A lot of folks think that sake is rice wine. In fact, it’s not wine at all. If anything, it’s more closely related to beer, as it is actually brewed. What is it made from exactly? Water, rice, yeast and … READ MORE

International Women's Day wine glass by Riedel

With International Women’s Day upon us, we want to make a point of giving a proper shout-out to name but a few of the women winemakers that abound in The Wine Company portfolio. Our hope is that you explore these and raise … READ MORE

Inari Okami

H I S T O R Y   O F   S A K E Japan’s earliest written history, the Kojiki, establishes sake’s origin back two millennia to the Age of the Gods, the Kamiyo. The kami, the deities of … READ MORE

Momo Kawa Sauna

We find many of our dearest discoveries over drinks at dinner. Sake is no exception. Once we evolved beyond the warmed sake of yore to discover the varied styles beyond this inert custom, a light bulb flickered and down the … READ MORE


It is with great pleasure that we announce The Wine Company family is joined by none other than Mitch Zavada! Mitch represents the newest talent among the extraordinary sales reps here at The Wine Company. Mitch brings a warm humor, an impressive knowledge … READ MORE

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