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If you’re new to The Wine Company, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed to stay on top of new releases, special announcements, and more. Thanks for visiting!Our love and portfolio of premium sake stretches back over 20 … READ MORE


“But First, Champagne” has proven a tour de force -a fresh take on covering everything Champagne from history and trends to methods and producer profiles. Back in May of 2013 The Wine Company hosted the author and “Terroirist” David White for … READ MORE


An at-a-glance guide to bubbles worth hunting down DISTINCTION ADVENTURE GREATNESS FARM-TO-TABLE SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL ARGYLE • Certified Sustainable and part of L.I.V.E. • Vintage-dated Brut • Highest rated Sparkling Wine outside of Champagne • 2011 Brut WS 90 pts … READ MORE


Thanksgiving is the great American holiday of feasting and fellowship for the pure purpose of nourishing the commonweal. Rarely are grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and kids, friends and neighbors altogether seated around the table. Thanksgiving gives license to splash … READ MORE


An at-a-glance cri de cœur for all that is small and beautiful • DISTINCTION • ADVENTURE • GREATNESS • FARM-TO-TABLE • AFFORDABLE LUXURY Récoltant Manipulants Pierre Gimonnet – Récoltant Manipulant • Family grown since 1750 • Côte des Blancs / 100% … READ MORE


        In 1834, a full 100 years before the introduction of the A.O.C. system, Antoine Jaboulet began to transform a sleepy region into one of the most important quality winegrowing terroirs in the world. Since that time, … READ MORE

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